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Chair Mat Waste Material

Jan 10, 2013
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At Custom Mat, we are environmentally conscious and concerned about what goes into land fills. Our leftover shavings as well as our larger left over pieces are sent to a local recycler for recycling. This may be something you want to think about when purchasing your next chair mat.

chair mat scraps

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Chair Mat Warranty Myth

Dec 31, 2012
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Many chair mat manufactures offer a Lifetime Warranty even on their thinnest, cheapest mats. But what they don’t tell you is that in order for you to get a replacement mat you’ll need to mail, at your expense, a large piece of the mat to the factory. After inspecting it and determining it is their mat, they will replace it and charge you the shipping cost. In many cases the shipping expense can be as much or more than the original purchase price of the mat.

Do yourself a favor and let us help you select the proper material for your situation. You’ll be glad you did, and save money in the long run!

Get What You Pay For

Dec 20, 2012
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As with most things you usually get what you pay for and chair mats are no different. The price of a chair mat is usually based on the thickness of the material, type of material, and the overall size. Other modifications and improvements (bevel edge, venting, linking) can also add to the cost of the mat but do serve their purpose. Bigger, thicker chair mats cost more and normally have a better warranty. Thinner chair materials crack quicker, therefore need to be replaced several times as compared to a thicker mat. While smaller mats are also cheaper they do not allow maximum mobility as you will constantly be rolling on and off of them.

Through our Dealer Network, Custom Mat Company, Inc can supply your custom mat needs as we have a wide variety of materials, from thin mats with little or no warranty to mats as big and as custom as you need them.


Do I Need A Hardwood Floor Chair Mat?

Dec 10, 2012
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Today 99% of all chairs come standard with dual hard wheel casters which is exactly wrong for hard surfaces. Why? Because hard wheel casters on a hard surface slide instead of rolling and gripping the surface. In time the sliding of these hard casters will wear through the finish of your hard wood floor.

In an ideal world you would have a hard floor chair mat with no cleats/grippers on the bottom and a chair with soft dual wheel casters. The chair mat will protect your floor and the soft wheel casters will grip the mat similar to the way a tire grips the road. Not using soft wheel casters can be a safety issue as the chair may slide out from under you. Soft wheel casters help eliminate this problem.


Do I Need a Chair Mat?

Nov 20, 2012
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Is your carpet looking worn, dirty or discolored? Chair mats extend the life of your carpet by spreading out the pressure from the chair casters; in fact, many carpet manufacturers void their warranty when a chair with casters is used without a chair mat. Chair mats provide a smooth, even surface to roll across.

Using a chair mat can reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). In an eight hour workday, the average worker moves his or her chair more than 250 times per day. These movements require up to twice as much effort without a chair mat. Use of a chair mat reduces fatigue by allowing for easier rolling across your workspace with less back and leg strain.

Please see our Chair Mat Materials page to select the proper material or our How To Video’s page to create your own custom chair mat.


Eco Mat

Nov 10, 2012
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Custom Mat Company continues to lead all others with the only 100% recycled chair mat on the market today. Black means Green as the EcoMat is made from crumb rubber from tires. With sizes up to 50” long and 72″ wide there is no other like the EcoMat. While the EcoMat gives you an option to help keep rubber tires out of landfills they do have a slight rubber smell that will dissipate over time.  

Link Mat

Oct 30, 2012
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Link Mat Chair Mat Link mat was invented by Custom Mat Company, Inc. to allow coverage of larger areas. Limitations in material sizes by the manufacturer created the need for the LinkMat. We link mats together via male and female interlocking connections cut into each mat as shown below.  With the Link Mat, we are no longer restricted with shapes or sizes of mats. Let us make one for you!    

Vent A Mat

Oct 20, 2012
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Vent A Mat was created by Custom Mat Company., Inc. in 2000 to help reduce moisture and mold under your chair mat. While many competitors have copied the idea what they fail to tell you is they put to many and to large of holes in there mats. This process will cause the mat to fail much quicker than the original Vent A Mat.  We tested different hole configurations to come up with just the right number of holes as well as hole size.  If your mat is turning white then you may have a moisture problem. Lift the edge of your mat up and if you feel dampness on the underside you may have a moisture problem. The most common causes for moisture under your mat is high humidity or the floor under your mat was not sealed properly to create a moisture barrier. Please don’t settle for imitations when you can have the original tried and tested Vent A Mat.  Zero failures at the time of this article. Contact us or one of our Dealers for help selecting the correct mat.  

AnchorBar Material

Oct 10, 2012
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Anchor Bar Chair Mat

For years your only choice for a chair mat was an acrylic material that had no warranty and would easily scratch, slide, crack and break. Then came the invention of the vinyl chair mat with Cleats. These cleats are sharp pointed pin cleats that stick into the carpet and also into your hand.

Now E S Robbins, an innovator in chair mat materials, has invented the AnchorBar. No more sharp cleats! The AnchorBar is made up of small blunt bars facing opposite directions as shown in the picture below. These bars hold the mat in place with no danger of harming your hands or carpet. Testing has shown the AnchorBar lasting longer than traditional  cleat style mats. For more information on chair mat material please see our Materials page. For a better mat choose AnchorBar!!!!

How to Unroll Your Chair Mat

Oct 1, 2012
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Most of today’s chair mats are made from clear flexible vinyl which allows us to roll the mat for a more economically form of shipping. Vinyl becomes harder the cooler it gets and more flexible the warmer it is. With this in mind it is important to allow 24 hours for your mat to warm to room temperature before trying to unroll. Once at room temperature try to unroll the mat and place it cleats down on the floor. It should continue to flatten. You may also place weight on the mat to help it flatten. Other methods for warming your mat is to place it on a flat surface in the sun until it becomes flexible or warm it using hair dryer. Once the mat is warm it is important to pull it into a shaded area or inside on a flat area and let it cool. Other ideas for unrolling can be found on our Unrolling Instruction page or on other websites as most use our unrolling instructions.