Changing Lives Update

The team at Custom Mat Company has two passions. Helping and giving hope to poor or Orphaned
children and providing quality chair mats.

The more chair mats we sell the more children we can help. A few years ago we started sponsoring poor children in Uganda. To date we have 12 sponsor children and several of our customers are also now sponsoring children. We correspond with them several times a year and provide encouragement, hope and love.

Can you Imagine a life without hope or love? That’s right you can’t. The sponsorship allows them to receive nutritious meals, an education and those that need it receive boarding privileges at an orphanage. Most of these children live in mud & grass huts and their families can barely scratch out enough food to get one meal a day. These meals are not at all what you or I consider a meal. They are typically very sparse and rarely include any protein.

We appreciate all of our dedicated customers and could not help these children without your support. For that we thank you and encourage you to help us help more children. If you wish to get involved directly go to and change a child’s life.

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