How to Unroll Your Chair Mat

Most of today’s chair mats are made from clear flexible vinyl which allows us to roll the mat for a more economically form of shipping. Vinyl becomes harder the cooler it gets and more flexible the warmer it is. With this in mind it is important to allow 24 hours for your mat to warm to room temperature before trying to unroll. Once at room temperature try to unroll the mat and place it cleats down on the floor. It should continue to flatten. You may also place weight on the mat to help it flatten. Other methods for warming your mat is to place it on a flat surface in the sun until it becomes flexible or warm it using hair dryer. Once the mat is warm it is important to pull it into a shaded area or inside on a flat area and let it cool. Other ideas for unrolling can be found on our Unrolling Instruction page or on other websites as most use our unrolling instructions.



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