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Back side of a chair mat

Our chair mats are designed and manufactured to ensure long-lasting service.

We select only the best quality raw materials in our mats. The AnchorBar cleat system (as shown in the photo) makes chair mats less dangerous to handle. Using a series of Staggered Perpendicular bars, the cleat system “anchors” the mat as securely as traditional cleats yet are gentle on the carpet and fingers. Our chair mats are not only built to last, they look good too!

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Why is a chair mat necessary?

Typical commercial grade carpet is thinner today than in the past and “carpet casters” enable easier movement on carpet. Though it is possible to move around without a chair mat, there are two reasons that make it unwise:

1) Chair mats protect your carpet

Although newer carpet is dense enough to allow a chair to roll, carpet fibers and backing are not designed to handle the extreme pressure generated by casters. The down force of a chair is nearly 100 times greater than a footstep! Under this stress, unprotected carpet will lose fibers and backing will break down, shortening the life of the carpet. A chair mat spreads this downforce and prevents damage to carpeting.

2) Chair mats reduce injury and fatigue

Use of a chair mat can significantly reduce lower back and joint strain because casters move more easily across a hard surface. In an eight hour workday, an office worker moves his or her chair more than 250 times per day. Some of these movements may be just inches, but they require up to twice as much effort without a chair mat. Given the frequency of these movements, a workspace without a chair mat is more susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

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