Black Vinyl Mats

NEW this year!  We have sleek, functional Black Vinyl chair mats now available. These great mats work well on any surface and in any environment!

FOR HARD SURFACES: Our classicly styled performance mat in black makes a strong impact statement and delivers a lasting professional appearance for the office. In addition to protecting the flooring from caster wear, spills and heavy traffic areas, our mats also cover worn, damaged or stained flooring. Our sleek non-studded designs can be custom cut. Standard Sizes: 48 x 60, 60 x 72, 60 x 96. .145 thick.

FOR CARPETED SURFACES:  Dare to be different with our opaque black mat for carpeted surfaces.  Perfect for low-to-medium pile carpet.  The solid black studded material has a textured top surface and stays looking great for years.  Great for protecting flooring from caster wear, spills and heavy traffic, as well as covering worn or damaged areas.  Available in custom sizes and  Standard Sizes: 36 X 48, 48 x 60,60 X 60, 60 x 72, 60 x 96. .145 thick.



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