Custom Mat Builder

Custom Mat Builder

Custom Mat Builder, the latest innovation of Custom mat Company, Inc., is the easiest, safest way to order a custom chair mat online. Years of thought and development have gone into this one of a kind program that allows customers to select the proper material, shape, size, extras like bevel edges and aerating, and then securely order the mat.

This program also has helpful “how to videos” to show you how to properly measure for a mat and most importantly, Custom Mat Builder double checks your work to help eliminate mistakes.

If you would like to experience this easy, intuitive way to order a custom chair mat please go to and select one of our approved dealers.

If you’re a retailer and want to be different than your competitors contact us at about adding this unique application to your site.

Not to worry, more ideas coming in the near future that will continue to improve the chair mat shopping experience.

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