HOPE and opportunity, something I think we take for granted in the USA. Can you imagine a life without Hope? A life where there is no opportunities. What would your life look like today if you were born in poor country, in a straw or mud hut with dirt floors, a shack? What would your life look like? What if you or your children grew up in such a dire situation where literally there was no hope to learn, no school, no clean water, enough food, a safe home, a bed, no jobs, a good role model or what if you had no one to love and care for you? Let that sink in and now think about all the millions of Orphans and children around the world with absolutely NO HOPE.

Even if your among the poorest in the USA your far richer and better taken care of than most of the poor in any other foreign country. You also have HOPE and opportunities! For $35.00 a month you can change a child’s life. Now think about that! Can spare $35.00 a month, $420.00 a year to FOREVER Change a life of a child?  Sounds like a real bargain to me.

Will you please consider sponsoring a child at www.equippingwithtruth.org? By doing so you join with us to forever change the life of children who desperately need an opportunity to survive and succeed. Your sponsorship will not only help the child but also encourage the child’s family and community. You can provide HOPE!



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