Unroll Instructions


Your mat has been rolled to allow economical and timely delivery. When vinyl mats are rolled they take on a “memory”” of that rolled shape and may be difficult to unroll when cold. The following precautions will protect your mat from cracking while enabling you to put it to use as soon as possible.Vinyl becomes more pliable with heat, so the warmer the mat the quicker it will lay flat. Also, the thicker the mat, the longer it will take for the mat to lay flat.

Always allow your mat to warm up thoroughly to (at least) room temperature before attempting to unroll your mat. (APPROX. 24 HOURS)

After the mat has warmed up, carefully unroll it and place it on the floor with the “bow” up (studs/cleats down), adding weight to hold the mat in place if necessary.The mat should gradually flatten over a period of a few hours ( thicker mats could take longer).


Option #1

Try placing it in a small warm room (maybe a bathroom) or near a sunny window. Ideally once the temperature reaches approximately 80 degrees the mat will begin to relax quicker. At that point you can lay it flat bow side up. Add weight on top of the mat as needed.

Option #2 Warm Weather Method

Place your mat on a smooth flat surface outside in the sun on a warm sunny day until it flattens (check it every 15 minutes). After it relaxes and is flat move it to a flat cooler area (in the shade or indoors) until it cools and becomes more rigid. Now your mat is ready for installation. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.

Option #3 Cold Conditions and .220 or Thicker Mats

While the mat is still rolled in the box and standing on it’s end cut a hole in the middle of the top of the box. The hole should be big enough to allow the end of a portable hair dyer to be inserted. Place the end of the dryer that the warm air comes out of in the hole and turn the dryer on. Place the dryer so that the air will blow down the center of the rolled mat. Check the inside of the mat every 5 minutes to see if the mat is beginning to warm. The process of heating the interior core of the mat should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.

Once the core is warm take the mat out of the box and place the mat bow up on the floor. You will now need to heat the remainder of the mat. This can be done by slowly blowing warm air with hair dryer over the remainder of the mat. Starting with the warm area of the mat and working out toward the cool and rigid area of the mat. Move the hair dryer back and forth across sections of the mat until that sections warms and starts to relax. Repeat this process until the mat is completely relaxed. This process is recommended for thicker mats in cool climates. Putting weight on top of the mat can help speed the process. Please follow all manufacturer use and safety guidelines provided by hair dryer manufacturer.

Use extreme caution when using any of the suggested methods for relaxing your mats. They are only suggestions and we are not responsible for accidents or damage resulting from the use of any of these methods. You use them at your own risk.

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